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While visual effects are great, the group of people involved with the haunt are the key to a successful haunt. We had several different "families" of volunteers come out to help this year.

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Come In!


asylum-walkthruEvery year Maureen designs the layout of the haunt utilizing every space available and determining where each scare zone is located. Distract and scare techniques are used extensively. You never know where the scare is coming from.

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We're looking forward to putting together this year's haunt! One of our favorites was Face Your Fears so we're putting it back on!! If you'd like to volunteer, please click on Contact Us below and drop up a line so we can keep you up-to-date on all the information!! Looking forward to seeing you!!

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2016 brought you Asylum!! We had all kinds of crazies wandering around the forest. There were even times when we had other characters from the other nearby haunts visiting ours.

What Visitors Say About Us

“Wait, wait – I lost my shoe!”
-Some little kid

[Screaming] “No! No! I don’t want to go!”
-Some poor little kid as he’s being drag through the haunt by his mom.

-Potty mouth senior citizen

“Hello, mister”
-A young boy trying to stay brave!

“Aaah!” “Eeeeeek” “Oh My Gawd!”
-Three girls huddled together!

“Hey, I know you!”
-Obviously, our actors are popular!

Watch others on our CCTV filmed during the haunt!


Updates for 2018

We’re on for 2018
We will be having our haunt once again at Starky Park’s Scream Acres! If you’re interested in volunteering at our haunt this year, please fill out the Contact form and let me know. We’d love to have you join us!