2008 – Haunted Castle

This year I decided to do a haunted castle, since last year for my birthday, Richard bought me an inflatable castle to use for the haunt. We would put this in front of the garage so the ToTs would have to go through the Frontofhouseinflatable first and then enter into the garage haunt. Even during the day, the castle looked great and it also gave us a little “advertising” of things to come.

The props made for the castle this year were the 13 hour clock, wall torches, haunted bookshelf and a wolf.

The 13 hour clock was an idea I had been toying with. I was walking my dog one afternoon and came across two empty vacuum cleaner boxes, which would be perfect stacked together. I then found a footstool at the local Salvation Army store, and the rest was done with paper mache and plaster cloth!



100_1693For the wolf, I looked for an animated reindeer, which I found shortly after Christmas at CVS pharmacy. The manager sold it to me for $2.00 because none of the lights worked. I just made sure that the animation part of it still worked and snatched it up!

Then I “de-lighted” (LOL) the entire thing and cut the legs off to make it have a stance more like a wolf.

I used a lot of stuffing and duct tape to make it a little bulkier than the deer shape. I tried it out with the mask I had bought and it looked alright. I then had to find the matching fur for the body. Unfortunately, the Joann’s I had nearby didn’t have the regular brown fur, so I had to go with a splotchy brownish fur, which I’m hoping in the dark of night won’t be too noticeable.

On the walls of my haunt, since it’s supposed to be a haunted castle, I decided to make skeleton hands coming out holding torches. The torches I found are battery operated and look pretty good, but they make a lot of noise. So I may look for another alternative.WallTorchLit

I started the haunted bookshelf by getting several books at the thrift store and cutting all the pages out, except for the top inch or so, so that viewing it from the top, it still looks like the books were intact. I then put foam inside and attached an eye hook into the foam for the wire that would be attached to the motor in the back. You can see the bookshelf in action at the very end of the walk through video below.

MotorforShelfHere’s the walkthrough map of the haunt and below, a video of the final haunt. It was pretty dark so Richard had to put some hints on what was where.

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