2010 – Haunted Mansion

Tree3-768x1024Again, I decided to go with the Haunted Mansion theme to use the inflatable castle at the entrance of the haunt. My big prop this year was a Wailing Tree. I also built a few more prop dummies.Wild-Man-768x1024








Window1Another of the new props this year was an acrylic window in which we would have somebody on the other side and they would slam against it as the guests were walking down the hallway towards the window. In the video above you can see Anita standing there with a strobe light on here, it’s really freaky.

This was another new addition. This was Richard’s idea. He wanted to be the ghost in the wall. We used black spandex across an opening in the wall where he could put his face up against it and it looked as through something was coming through the wall. It looked really good with a spotlight on it. Only problem was that a couple people would hit his face when he did this, so he ended up finding a wig head and used that instead!ghost-inthe-wall




ChildrenAnother new addition was a young brother for Dementia. I had seen the movie Trick R Treat during the year and decided to make my own Sam. He would be a work in progress for the next several years, as I only made his real head out of paper mache and plaster cloth, but did not make his signature burlap mask. I didn’t get to that part until almost 5 years later.

Here’s another look at the wailing tree so you can see how tall it is. Rich is 6′ 2″!Tree6

The video I took of this year’s haunt was so dark, you couldn’t see anything. Instead, here’s a video of the cemetery outside with three animated props.

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