2012 – Zombie Outbreak

2012 – Zombie Outbreak

After a break in 2011 to take a well deserved vacation and to look at other home haunts, we decided to come back with a bang!! Zombies were big with The Walking Dead being the #1 show on TV! We actually didn’t start watching it until the third season!!

Bloody-wallAnyway, this year we did away with the inflatable castle and decided to start the intrigue outside on the driveway with a crime scene.  I outlined a body with a shot to the head and blood around the mid-section, plenty of bloody footprints around leading into the garage. When you walked into the garage you came across a TV which was playing a news cast of something that was happening in the neighborhood. If people stood long enough to watch it, they would see everyone was pretty scared and you could get a glimpse of things to come.Hazmat_2

You could also see zombie apocalypse paraphernalia thrown around, magazine, pamphlets, signs, warnings, etc. You walk around the corner and there’s someone standing there in a hazmat suit! Wait, is he real? Is he one of them?


You go further down and you see a window, what’s that on the other side? There’s a dark hallway. Halfway down, there’s a box on the wall. It says “Break in case of zombies”! It’s got a gun and an axe! BANG! It was a drop panel!!Break-Glass

Turn the corner again and there’s a bunch of YIKES!!… ZOMBIES!!!Zombies (1)



Walkthrough of the haunt (Sorry for the quality)

Footage used in the haunt

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