2013 – Zombie Survival Camp


Cabin-e1435179026922This year, I decided to contact Scream Acres to see if I could participate in their Halloween Event and use their cabins. This would mean that I would have only 1 week to set up. So I had to get everything prepared ahead of time. I decided to do different version of the Zombie theme, and I had read somewhere that a couple years back there had actually been a zombie survival camp at Starkey Park where Scream Acres was going to be, so I wanted to play on that.heads

I had a fellow haunter, Bob Mazella from the Florida Haunters, make a trail for his own haunt that led to my cabin. He had zombie clowns, so it kinda tied in. So after being chased from his trail, guests would line up in front of the cabin and the first thing they would see would be the day care center, where the children had already begun eating the teacher.


DayCareSome of the guest looked at or picked up on the cut-off leg that was lying at the entrance, and when they went in, they would see the first camper who would be warning them of the up and coming dangers if they continued. Though, they didn’t know what to make of her, since she was the one who had chopped off her own leg.

As they proceeded, they would see their first zombie, but couldn’t tell if he was real or not. Most people thought he was real and would get close to him to investigate and that’s when the drop panel would  get them!!

When they turned the corner, they got their first glimpse of the horrors that had overcome the survival camp, as one of the campers was busy chomping away at a foot and another two were in the bunk above her snarling at everyone that came through. They would then turn another corner and find themselves in a dark, creepy hallway with a window at the end.Terri-e1435178941293


BodyBags (1)There weren’t only zombies roaming the halls, they were also inside the walls and every so often one would reach out to grab the guests!! Some of the guest were startled by the one in the window which would bang on the glass at just the right time.

When they turned the corner again, they were faced with the bodies of the campers hanging upside down. While having to make their way through the bodybags, more zombies would come out from different areas and attack!! Below are all the actors who volunteered for this wonderful weekend haunt!

This year was pretty special because we actually got some recognition in the local newspaper!

Here’s the walkthrough map for the Zombie Haunt.


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