2014 – Misty Rose Dead & Breakfast

SignThe next year I decided I was finished with zombies and wanted to go back to more a haunted house style haunt. But I didn’t actually want it to be a “haunted house”.  I found online some references to a movie that had come out a few years back called Dead and Breakfast, so I came up with a name, any name, and the Misty Rose Dead and Breakfast was born! Outside the cabin hung a sign with several skeleton keys (one of which was stolen by the end of the night)!

For this year, I made brand new walls which would look like an old fashioned Victorian home, with Wainscoting at the bottom and old peeling wallpaper up on top. The walls looks amazing throughout the haunt. Room1

When guests come up on the porch of the cabin there were a couple of old skeletons in a circle sitting on chairs with a fruit basket that was decaying and had large fruit flies on it.  So that the guests waiting in line couldn’t see what was on the porch, we decided to hand all the body bags on the outside… these were just some of the “Dead”.

MikeyOnce inside, in the first room, was a deranged mother and daughter. The creepy dolls must have gotten to them. They were surrounded by them. If you kept going, you might get your first scare by Mike, Jr. who was hidden in the wall. You would also see a creepy “butler” type gentleman who had seen better days.Sam (2)

Around the corner and down the hall, which was full of old pictures, some of which seemed to be following your every move. Others seemed to change as you past by them. When you get to the end, there was this small character dressed up as a scarecrow. This was Sam. If you’ve seen the movie Trick ‘R Treat, then you know you better move on, quickly! Next to Sam you could see a bookcase full of oddities, many guest would slow down to look and see what was talking to them. It looked like a ghost from the urn. There was also a creepy head and hand coming out of a box… but if they kept looking there was also someone standing in the darkness!

Window2As they turn the corner they see a window and a very brightly lit ghost who would BANG on the window just at the right time!! Another turn would have them down a long hallway with hanging severed heads… put there by the crazed woman running at you with an ax! She chases you down the corridor into another dark park of the maze.

Here is where all the ghouls have fun! There were about 4 people in this area and only one mannequin. A drop panel in this section would also make many of the guests jump.10751902_10153487804271686_1275097658_n

Another quick turn and they were out.

Below, you can see other pictures of this year’s haunt.

Walkthrough Map


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