2015 – Face Your Fears

The Face Your Fears was the theme that my daughter Anita came up with, and I figured that with all the different props we had, I was sure I could come up with all kinds of things people were afraid of: clowns, spider, the dark, pumpkin people, zombies, ghosts, dolls, the forest at night, a evil butcher, hanging bodies… just to name a few!

20151024_160845 We had our entrance to the haunt at the cabin next door. You would have to go in and walk behind the black plastic in between the cemetery and the reaper who pounced at you trying to get your soul. 20151024_160902

Once past the reaper you’d come across a couple of ghouls hanging around the entrance to the first cabin, which usually while you were standing in line you could see the light in the window and notice all the zombies attacking a poor individual who had unknowingly entered into his demise!

Once past the cabin you came into an area where a lone little girl would jump out and ask if you wanted to play… the stuffed bear she was holding would be enough to keep you away! Along the way you would see the pumpkin sentinels and 20151024_160945another guy holding a lantern.You would also need to watch your step, for on the ground was a body being devoured by vultures.

After passing this scene, you come along some spider webs leading down a path… oh, oh… you’re in a spider’s lair, and who is that little fella in the way?



Other creatures and ghouls are hanging on the webs making for a creepy area, especially at night.


20151024_161052 Turning the corner, you come across a large jack-in-the-box spinning ’round and ’round. There’s some creepy carnival music playing, but where are the clowns?… As she pops out one of the side walls and may follow you down to a large open area.




Now, as you make your way around the back of the other cabin you can hear the screams coming from inside. Sometimes you’d see some creepy lady hanging up the laundry… or, uh… bloody sheets, wait… is that an arm?


20151024_16134412038172_10154269254456686_8664478128236532643_n This lady beckons you to go into the cabin, and there our hostess is waiting to let everyone know that we have visitors… or did she say victims??

Once you enter the cabin, the first room, the doll room, you’re met with about a hundred dolls all looking at and greeting you. Plus you have the two creepy girls who have been playing with said dolls. Did you want to stay a while and play?

Next you head down the hallway where there’s a ghost hanging around over you, the pictures are following you as you pass by and two drop panels get you on either side before coming across another creepy little girl at the end of the hallway.CribDroppanel1

After making your way through a bunch of wrapped hanging bodies, you come across a gruesome scene where two demonic clowns are butchering a poor victim who seems to be screaming in pain!!! ButcherClowns ButcherClowns2

You pass by a bunch of creepy characters, some of whom have lost their heads, but somehow still manage to stand around… turn the next corner and you come into a dark room where there are more bodies laying around. BAM!! Someone slams a window in front of you and the butcher clown comes out again… “Run!!”Rich (1)

You make it outside safely… or so you think!!


Outside Walkthrough

Cabin Walkthrough