2016 – Asylum

This year’s haunt was very unique in that, this was the first time we were open for two weekends. We were very excited and apprehensive. We had lost our great haunt family – Terri, Mike, Mike Jr., and Gianna Charnisky since they moved up to New York. So I had to start all over again to look for new volunteers.

team1The first weekend was great, we had one family show up with 9 people (WooHoo!!! Thank you Maria!!). From left to right, Eddie, Maria, Chrissy, Sara, Sophie, David, Bridgit, Janzen and Hirayda. Then we also had some teens come out also, Charles and Kaleb, who also brought some of their friends. I also was able to contact one of my actors from last year, Shay, who came out with her son Aaron (who did an outstanding job!!)

team2The second weekend, we had a lot of our actors who couldn’t come back due to prior commitments, so Friday night, it felt like a skeleton crew working the haunt. Luckily, we had a poor showing because the high schools were all having their football games. I thought the same thing was going to happen on Saturday, but at the last few minutes before showtime, we got some volunteers from JROTCteam3 from River Ridge (Woot Woot!!), plus I got one family who came out of nowhere completely dressed and ready to scare. Thank you Amber and family!! I even got an Uncle Fester, who got to operate the electric chair!! Loved it!!




The layout of the outside part of the haunt was exactly the same as last year’s. It started out at cabin #4 went around the back and then went through the woods towards the back of cabin #3 and back around to the front.

casketThis was the first year I brought out my casket. I had my bucky inside dressed her in her best dress holding a candle with a light shining on her so you could see. The reaper was standing right next to the open casket. On the other side of the walkway was the cemetery. You had to walk around the casket and the reaper to get to the front of the cabin. During the first weekend, we opened the first cabin so smaller children who were brave enough could go in and get some candy… that only lasted a couple hours on Friday because it slowed down the line so much that my line was over a half hour long. So the following nights we just had one of the nurses hanging out in the balcony of the cabin and her “patient” wandering around making sure people didn’t dottle.

When they made their way around the backside of the cabin, they could see Michael Myers and Jason hanging out in the woods, plus anybody else who just happened to be in the area!!

shaySince we had heard so many “sightings” of clowns in the forest and what not, I decided to put one or two clowns in my forest. So when you turned the corner around the big black tarp, you not only saw the scrawny old beggar, but you also got a glimpse of a clown peeking at you and you might have also encountered Harley Quinn.
kalebrichold-womanFurther down the woods, some of the other patients could be seen roaming around, running after people with cleavers, axes, etc. Going around the back of cabin #3, you can hear all the screaming from inside.

maureenOnce you go around the second cabin, you get to go inside. A lot of people didn’t realize that you actually get to go inside the cabin (mind was the only one!!) I was the hostess of the cabin and had a pretty demented laugh. I dressed differently each night. The best night I had on a red yarn wig (think Raggedy Ann) and my hospital gown. My face was also made up like a sick looking doll.

firstroomThe first room of the cabin had one young actor in there who would just rock back and forth and might just follow you through the rest of the haunt. Once you leave her room, there was a bang on the window… anitasomeone peering in from the outside?? Around the corner and down the hall, you could see a message on the wall written in … blood? “I never knew much about people until I took one apart to see how it worked” (Gulp!)message

Round the corner and there was a drop panel (BAM!!),droppanel1 if you were lucky there wasn’t anybody in the hallway next to it ready to chase you into the next room, where there were body parts hanging from everywhere. Another crazy nurse was inside that room pushing you to go to the next room where (BAM!!) another drop panel gets you to the right and (SNAP, SNAP, electricchairSNAP, SNAP!!) a loud popping noise going off on the left and someone frying on the electric chair… but they’re still alive and come after you, until you go into the last room where there are dolls everywhere and a couple of sinister looking children looking at you!!girlsindollroom

Most people ran out of the cabin, and as they left, on the last day, they were entertained by three singing pumpkins in the darkness.