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Visitors would be greeted by Maureen at the cabin entrance as the host for the haunt. Maureen controlled the flow of visitors through the haunt.

GiannaFirst stop was the Doll Room where a legion of creepy dolls filled the top level of a bunk bed and Gianna occupied the lower bed. Terri sat in the corner quietly, but very creepy, holding a doll.

The dolls would speak various phrases but mostly “Do you want to play with us?” “Please play with us or we would be very angry with you.”

As visitors leave, they would view the life size dummy in the corner while Mike Jr would scare them from the opposite side from within his enclosure.

HallwayAfter that, people would walk down the picture frame hallway and at the end see the bookcase and dummy standing in the corner. Many commented that the dummy was a real person waiting to pounce on them.​

Actually that was Anita’s and Ala’a job to do and  that they did very well causing screams and children to freeze in their tracks.

Next, visitors would walk down another hallway with floating heads above them and into the clock room. Many visitors first saw the dummy prop holding a lit lantern, the clock which ran backwards and the man who hung himself at the edge. One of our costumes was a person with a thick braided rope around his neck and fake legs just short of the floor. It was titled the Well Hung Man.

Zak was the Well Hung Man in the corner and he would scare people as they entered or later as they past him up entering the final chamber.

If Zak scared them as they walked past them, that would push them up against the wall with the drop panel, and Mike Senior would drop the panel – Bang! – and scare them.

When Mike scared them, the visitors would immediately move away from Mike – towards Richard Jr. who would be standing still next to another prop on the opposite was as if he was a prop himself.

Many visitors thought Richard Jr was just another prop until he pounced! The final screams were heard in that room as visitors tried to quickly make a run for the exit.


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