2018 – Face Your Fears

This year we decided to bring back the “Face Your Fears” haunt. With this haunt, we could do pretty much anything we wanted! Spiders, clowns, horror films stars, cemetery, corpses, dolls, butcher scene, etc. And this year was the first time we had two cabin walk-throughs. The first cabin was touted as the “kid-friendly” cabin. And if you couldn’t make it through that cabin, you might as well stop there!!

As you walk into the first cabin, you may have been met by someone telling you which way to go. There were no jump scares or actors in cabin 1. But, if you had any phobias of skeletons or spiders, you might not enjoy the enclosed space.

As you come out of the cabin and continue the outside maze, you come to the back of the cabin where it seems to get darker and darker. There’s a tunnel up ahead lit only by candlelight. You can just barely make out wrapped bodies on the ground and propped up on boxes. You turn the corner and there is a strobe light with someone holding a lantern. You could have also seen the sisters from “The Shining” hanging around.

Now, depending on the night you visited, there were different scares to experience. One could have been someone jumping out from the darkness in a black ghoulish mask. In another spot, Samara from “The Ring” was waiting to pounce.

You then made another turn to see a reaper in the corner and a cemetery on the other side. Now you come to an open area where Michael Myers was waiting in the darkness. And if you have a fear of clowns you might not want to look to your left. Once you go around the back of the other cabin, you might find some large spiders climbing up on the trees and a bunch of body bags hanging around.

But wait, there’s more!! “Please, come inside the cabin, my family has been dying to have you for dinner!” Walking into the cabin, you see first go into the kids room where a bunch of creepy dolls are hanging around and there’s something in the crib holding a red-eyed doll up to you. “Don’t touch my toys” says the doll-faced girl in the room.

You keep going down the hallway as the pictures fall from their frames on the wall, “BANG” and “BANG”. There’s also more creeps in “walls”. You turn the corner and you see somebody hanging there with electrical tubes and he begins to shake and shiver, sparks are flying as you try maneuvering your way through all the tubes hanging from the ceiling. You finally make it through right into the kitchen where the butcher and his associate are cutting up past visitors. Out from the side jumps a mad man with another butcher knife! You keep going trying not to look at all the heads and body parts dangling over  head. What’s that say on the wall? “I never knew much about people until I took one apart to see how it worked”. OMG!!! You gotta get out of here!! Something else pops out of the wall and more rotting skeletons are hanging on the wall. You see a window. “It must be over”. BANG!! someone hits the window from the other side and the butcher pops out again. As you finally find your way to the exit you see someone who didn’t make it laying on a bunk… covered in spiders and roaches and more are coming out of the walls… Yecch!!!

First Cabin
Doll Room
Three Victims
Tunnel 2
Very Dark Trees
actor 01
actor 02
actor 03
actor 04.2