The Key Master


Between my love for Halloween and my work in graphic and prop design – it’s only natural to want to host an annual haunt. 

What started as a simple haunt in our two car garage has grown steadily since 2007. Starting in 2013, the haunt moved out of our garage (to the dismay of many of our neighbors) and moved to Pasco’s Scream Acres. This annual Halloween event is hosted by the Pasco County Parks Department.

In 2014, while the official count was 3,300, visitors quickly experienced park overload and reached capacity by 8:15 p.m. causing many visitors to be turned away. Though we tried to find our own location this year, it didn’t pan out. So we’re back at Scream Acres again this year. Hope to see you there. Interested in joining the haunt team, drop us a line and let us know.

Awards & Recognition


First Place – Mystery Prop Build at Extreme Halloween in Orlando, FL
May 2015

Six teams were given a set of different pieces and had to put together a prop within 30 minutes. The items we had to use were a half brain, a half prop head, feathers, and eyeballs. We were also given our choice of several items behind us to use.


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Moe’s Halloween Haunts

Founded: 2007

Owner: Maureen & Richard Perez

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