When you join a haunted house, you join a family. A weird, twisted family, but a family none the less. Ours is an open no-hate haunt that welcomes people of all races, sexual orientations, genders and backgrounds.

While haunting is fun, it’s also a lot of hard work. It requires creativity, teamwork, a love for creating memories, and of course a love of Halloween. The memories you help create for families and for yourself will last a long time.

The hardest thing about running a haunted house is finding reliable scare crew to join the family. It’s a challenge every year, for every haunt. Bringing our ideas, and the ideas of our crew (you), to life depend on the our volunteers. If you’re thinking of volunteering at a haunt this year, please consider contacting us, or email us at moeshalloween@gmail.com.

Positions available:

Scare Actor: Part of the scene and story line, wearing masks, latex and/or makeup, working within one or more spaces, preferably good acting skills. Staying in character is a must!

Make-Up & Prep: Assist makeup managers with make-up designs and effects of staff.  Typically 4:30-6:45pm.

Front Entrance/Cabin Entrance: Crowd control, line flow.  This does not require you to scare people.

Construction:  If you’re good on a ladder and are familiar with wood, drills, hammers, etc, or can lend some muscle, we need your help!  We will have only 1 week to put this all together. I will be at the site  on weekends  Oct. 6-7, and daily from Oct. 13 – 19 until setup is finished.

Meet and Greet

Scream Acres is usually the two Friday and Saturdays before Halloween. We normally have a Meet and Greet during the first weekend of October, so we can get to know our volunteers, see what everyone would like to do and most importantly, find out when everyone is available. If you are going to volunteer, please try to come to the Meet and Greet so I can get your contact information and if you need a costume, we can make arrangements. Please try to be available for all nights of Scream Acres. I know it’s a lot to ask, but it is a lot of fun and it only works if everyone who is supposed to be there is there giving it their all!!

For our new volunteers, please download the application and bring it with you to the Meet and Greet. There are also some tips on scaring. Remember, you don’t need experience to do this. The only thing you need, is the willingness to scare people.


Volunteer Application

Scare Tips